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What is This?

This is a hobby project by artist and game developer Dave Frampton - @majicDave. I've written an application which takes freely available GFS and WAVEWATCH III weather model data, and produces nice looking images. I will try to keep these images up to date, but make no guarantees on the reliability or accuracy.

For wind, the lines flow in the direction the wind is blowing. Blue is from the cold direction - a southerly in the southern hemisphere or a northerly in the northern hemisphere. Orange is a wind blowing the opposite direction, from the equator towards the poles. The lines get brighter where the wind is stronger.

For swell, the lines run perpendicular to the direction the swell is moving, just like swell lines in the ocean. The colors vary depending on direction.

Times and dates are displayed for your local timezone.

This website is very new, so expect more content to be added soon, and I might offer prints or high resolution versions in the future.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.